Frequently Asked Questions
Talking Story Video
helps you
tell your story!

  I don't think I will have enough to say or they already heard all the stories.
      What experience has proven over and over again is that once we settle in, the camera will disappear and the time will fly by. Also, no one has heard all the stories and remembers them just the way you have told them. Having your loved ones on HD DVD telling about their life and family history is a family treasure.
    What if I say something that I didn't mean to or need to take breaks?
      We professionally edit the video to remove any parts that you are uncomfortable with and we usually take a few breaks throughout the 2-3 hours of meetings and filming.
    Can we have other family members on the video too?
      Yes, we can video a conversation between family members or video special events. We often make videos of couples or arrange that a spouse or other family member joins for a portion of the video.
    Can you create a video for my business website?

Yes. We create professional HD videos and clips that can help you tell the story of your service or product. We can convert clips to Flash, Quicktime, AVI and many other formats.

We have created professional videos for businesses and non-profits for more than 10 years.