Rhea Suh
  Al Gardner
"My sisters and I hired Talking Story in 2001 to do a videography of my father's life for his 70th birthday (a very important milestone in Korean culture). Growing up as second-generation Korean-Americans, we had relatively little understanding of the world our parents had grown up in. The entire process turned out to be quite an emotional but very positive experience for my family. We treasure the videos that were produced and are indebted to the wonderful team at Talking Story for allowing us to better understand our father and our heritage."
"I was hesitant.
I didn't think I'd have enough to talk about.
Before I realized it we'd been taping for two hours.
The experience was so cathartic, relaxing, and liberating.
I would like my grandchildren to know me as I see myself."
  Barbara Brown
"The video you did of me was one of the most moving experiences of my life. Our lives are really made of memories, but it is not often that we get to have them concentrated and distilled into an hour plus video. I cherish what you did for me and have shared it with members of my family and friends. It really is something for posterity in the family."